Product Care

We think of our bags as "girls" - please look after them as you would look after your bestie! Follow the instructions below to get the best out of your new purchase, and don't hesitate to get in touch with us at if you have any questions or concerns.



We are so proud of the quality of our handbags and wallets, and when it comes to our products – “if it looks like leather (or suede), it is leather”. We only use quality leathers and printed suede in the construction of our bags, wallets, and other small accessories. Of course, leather being a natural product, some (we're looking at you printed suede) may be more delicate than others, and may need a bit of TLC.

Light-coloured leather & suede accessories are prone to absorbing other dyed material, so please avoid wearing these pieces with denim and other dark and overdyed materials. Likewise suede may transfer colour onto clothing and fabric, care should be taken to avoid wearing you light coloured printed suede bag with dark clothing, or you dark coloured printed suede with light coloured clothing, particularly for the first few wears.



 Protect your product with a waterproof protector spray prior to wearing, and regularly after to help resist the effects of daily wear. The spray will help prevent lighter coloured leathers absorbing unstable dyes such as denim, however, care should still be taken when wearing your light-coloured leather and suede items with darker coloured clothing.

Please ensure you cover any embellishments or hardware before spraying. Allow the item to dry before using or storing. Spray your item every two to three weeks, depending on the frequency of use.


Any leather cleaner or cleaner that you would use on your own skin can be used on your leather purchase. Always test any product on an inconspicuous part of your item before applying it completely. Remember to protect your item again after cleaning.


Leather conditioners and gels should only be used occasionally as they contain fats or oils that help to lubricate the leather and replenish suppleness. Do not use conditioner on suede or printed suede products, or patent leathers. Always test any product on an inconspicuous part of your item before applying it completely.


We recommend storing your items in its dust bag when not in use. Never store any leather items in plastic and always store them in a cool, dry place away from heat.


Our nylon bags are crafted from high-quality material. They are easy to care for and can be wiped clean using a damp cloth and sprayed with a protector spray.


Velvet is a delicate fabric that should be handled with care. Bruises to the fibres due to pressure or mishandling cannot be removed.

For stains mix 1-2 squirts of dish soap in a bowl of water. Apply the mixture to the stained area and scrub it lightly with a soft brush before you wipe the mixture away and pat the area dry with a cloth. To remove dust and dirt wipe with a cloth or a soft-bristled toothbrush. 



Please take extra care when using embellished pieces. If they are dropped or mishandled, stones may fall out and/or embellishments may break. Willow & Zac and BonBien cannot take responsibility for any breakages or scratches that occur through mishandling.

Thanks again for shopping with Willow & Zac